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An artist must have a strong aura, to enter a state of mind. To understand my creation, you first have to understand my thoughts, my way of thinking. Each piece I have created -and they’re all different- must allow you to enter into a state of mind, and must also be capable of welcoming you in my state of mind the minute I started creating that piece. Art for me is still The best world in which to live it’s a world that opens knowledge up to you and allows you to make extra ordinary creation. What counts is the first impression. It’s my approach in my art. I’ve learned to stay alert and to trust my instincts while painting. The first encounter with a piece of art is followed by a period of getting to know it more profoundly. there are always two aspects: the impression the work makes on you and the explanations that are given. with no information about a piece, or with no knowledge of art, you can still try to appreciate the work but is it possible to frequent art as a “tourist,” something which tends to offend the purists? I don’t have an answer to that...

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| J A M A I C A   S T O O L  B Y  P E P E   C O R T É S |

Jamaica stool model IT 10 by Pepe Cortés For Knoll/Amat-3, Spain. Chrome 5-legs frame and solid cast aluminum tractor seat. These stools have been made by Amat-3 by order of Knoll.The stools are still in production has been ongoing since 1993.

Pepe Cortes (Barcelona 1946), Interior Designer EINA studied at school. Among its many interior design projects there were restaurants like "Azulete" and "Skylight," the Caixa Forum Museum is a tent, the office chair Sabadell Atlantico Bank exposures to the Generalitat de Catalunya as well as many decoration shops. He has won several domestic price of DCP and the Award for Design Auswahl stool famous "Jamaica". In 2002 he was awarded the medal "Santiago Marco Prize" and in 2007 he was appointed National Design Award. His work has appeared in various national and international publications and exhibitions.